mPolitics is a blog by millennials, for millennials focused on politics and current events in Canada. mPolitics is your go-to site for unique, research-based and engaging content as well as the latest news updates.

mPolitics is a partnership by two Toronto-area millennials, Emma McKay and Candice White. Our contributors include a network of millennial friends and family with an interest in politics and current events. To read more about our backgrounds, see below!

Candice White, HBA ’14

Candice is an honours graduate of Ivey Business School at Western University in London, Canada. She currently studies International Finance and Trade in Geneva, Switzerland.  She has a keen interest in policy, politics and current events, and is an experienced writer and editor with student-run newspapers and the Writing Centre at Western University.

Emma McKay, BA (Honours) ’14

Emma is an honours graduate of McGill University where she studied Political Science and Communications. She is currently pursuing an MSc in Politics and Communication at the LSE in London, England. Emma comes from a public relations background, and is very interested in Canadian politics, public diplomacy, campaigning and current events.



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