In The News This Week – Dec 10, 2017

Hey Readers! We hope everyone is starting to get in the holiday spirit! Here’s the latest political headlines on this chilly second weekend of December:

  1. #ICYMI: PM Trudeau was in China this week but no trade talks between Canada and China have been initiated. See more in our last post, here.
  2. Marijuana Legalization: This weekend the Provincial Finance Ministers met with the Federal Finance Minister to work through details on marijuana legislation, and specifically how the provinces and Feds will divvy up the $ proceeds from selling the goods. The Feds proposed a 50/50 split, which provinces largely considered unfair. (Toronto Star)
  3. Trump talked up US trade deficit with Canada in a Florida rally this week: The US President touted that PM Trudeau was incorrect in stating that the US has a trade surplus with Canada, saying he left out lumber and energy. This is contrary to the US government numbers which state “The U.S. goods and services trade surplus with Canada was $12.5 billion US in 2016.” (CBC)
  4. New Senate Ethics Watchdog: PM Trudeau has appointed Pierre Legault to the position; he is a lawyer and former associate deputy justice minister. (Globe and Mail)
  5. Regulating Airbnb: The online hospitality service has sent a letter to the finance committee suggesting it “refrain from overregulation”, such as implementing a tax on the service, similar to the one introduced on ride-sharing platform Uber in the last Federal budget.
  6. Trump to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem: Trump’s unprecedented move to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has sparked mass protests in the area. Jerusalem is part of the disputed territory between the Israeli and Palestinian people, and holds religious significance for both. (Globe and Mail, Financial Times)


From the PM’s February 2017 visit to The White House. Image Source: Flickr

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