In The News This Week – November 19, 2017

Happy Sunday mPolitics readers! The sun might be setting earlier these days but the sun never sets on the news. Here’s the latest from this past week:

  1. Canada’s Peacekeeping Announcement: In Vancouver at an international summit on peacekeeping Prime Minister Trudeau announced Canada’s latest commitment to UN peacekeeping. The announcement includes transport aircraft and helicopters, training, and an agreement to send up to 200 peacekeepers to any one place. The government is receiving criticism for the inflexible limit on peacekeepers. (CBCReuters)
  2. ASEAN Summit comes to a close: Towards the end of the summit between Asian and Western nations in the Philippines this week, Prime Minister Trudeau acknowledged that he “raised concerns about rights abuses and extrajudicial killings in President Rodrigo Duterte’s anti-drug campaign”, drawing respect from human rights activists and ire from Filipino President Duterte. (Toronto StarReuters)
  3. ‘Global Alliance to Power Past Coal’: That is the name of a new agreement between Canada, the UK and several other nations launched this week to combat climate change by phasing out coal-fire power. (CBC)
  4. Zimbabwe: Long-time President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe has been removed from his leadership position in the ruling Central Committee party, after the army took over and placed Mugabe on house arrest in what many are calling a coup. (Globe and Mail)
  5. Trump’s New Tax Plan: A plan to cut tax rates for businesses and some individuals has passed the House,, but it is uncertain whether it will make its way through the Senate. Trump is urging the Senate to pass a bill before Christmas which would be the first time the tax code is changed since 1986. (NBC News)


Prime Minister Trudeau in the Philippines

Source: Adrian Wyld, Canadian Press

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