In The News This Week – November 5th, 2017

Hey mPolitics readers! We know it’s been awhile but we’ve got you covered! See our summary of the top political stories from the last two weeks below:

In Canada:

  1. Federal Budget Update: The Liberals announced in the fall economic update that the deficit has improved by about $10 billion due to strong economic growth in 2017; they plan to spend the difference by moving up the Canada Child Benefit increases to 2018, and investing in other funding programs for middle-income Canadians. (Globe and MailFinancial Post)
  2. America’s New Ambassador to Canada: Kelly Craft has officially started in her new role, making headlines with the claim that she believes in “both sides of climate science.” CBC
  3. The New Governor General raises a few eyebrows: Julie Payette is being criticized for a speech she gave this week where she promoted a very scientific view of the world, and spoke out against horoscopes and climate skeptics. As discussed in David Mulrooney’s article in the Globe and Mail, such comments are largely considered inappropriate for the Governor General. (Huffington Post)
  4. Harassment in the Workplace: A year long consultation commissioned by the Ministry of Employment, Workforce development and Labour has found that harassment is under-reported in the workplace due to fear of retaliation. The Federal government will use the information to build a strategy for eliminating workplace harassment. (CBC)

Around the world:

  1. Russia-US Election Scandal: This week special counsel Robert Mueller charged Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Manafort’s business associate Rick Gates with charges related to Russian involvement in the US federal election. (The GuardianNew York Times) There are also reports that Mueller will soon charge former national security advisor Michael Flynn. (The Guardian
  2. Catalan Independence: Catalonia’s leader has turned himself in to Belgian police after Spain issued an arrest warrant in its efforts to take and maintain its control over the Catalan region, who voted for independence in a recent referendum. (Reuters)
  3. Terror in New York: Eight people were killed in a New York City attack when suspect Sayfullo Saipov drove a truck onto a cycling path. President Trump has been criticized for his response to the attack, including consistently calling for the death penalty and criticizing the American immigration system. (Globe and MailWashington Post)


Paul Manafort in 2016

Source: Flickr 

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