In The News This Week – Oct 22, 2017

Happy Sunday to our readers in Canada and around the world! Here’s the top political stories from last week:

In Canadian News:

  1. Bill Morneau Scandal: Two years into the job, Canada’s Finance Minister reportedly did not disclose one of his private corporations to the ethics watchdog. Morneau has now committed to placing all his assets into a blind trust to combat the conflict of interest allegations. (CBCGlobal News)
  2. Quebec Niqab Ban: The Quebec Liberal government under Premier Philippe Couillard have passed Bill 62, which bans women from wearing face-covering garments (such as a niqab or burka) when receiving public services. (CBC)
  3. RIP Gord Downie: The Tragically Hip front-man passed away this week after a battle with brain cancer. He will be remembered for his musical contributions as well as his championing of Aboriginal rights and reconciliation. Watch Justin Trudeau’s tearful memento to Downie here. (Macleans)

In International News:

  1. Catalonia:  The Spanish government has taken action to impose ‘direct rule’ over Catalonia, the region which earlier this month voted to separate from Spain in an unprecedented referendum. (The Guardian)
  2. Japan’s Snap Election: Japan voted today in a snap election called by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. He hopes to cement his power and review opportunity to expand the role of Japan’s military (which was severely lessened in Japan’s World War 2 surrender), in response to the nuclear threat of North Korea. (BBC 1BBC 2)


Tragically Hip Front-man Gord Downie


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