In The News This Week – August 27th, 2017

Hey Canada, with the summer wrapping up and school starting again soon, make sure you’re up to date on the latest news in #cdnpoli :

  1. John A McDonald: The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario has put forward a motion to replace the first Prime Minister’s name on schools and buildings, “in recognition of his central role as the architect of genocide against Indigenous Peoples”. This has caused much debate, with some arguing that McDonald should continue to be honored for his other positive acts, and still others claiming his  actions to assimilate were a reflection of the times. (CBC)
  2. Mike Duffy: Senator Mike Duffy is suing the RCMP and the Senate for over $7.8 million for loss of salary and damages to reputation endured during his suspension, investigation and trial over improper expenses. (Toronto Star)
  3. NDP French Language Debate: The Montreal debate takes place today between the four candidates running for the party leadership. (Globe and Mail)
  4. Trump’s various announcements from this week:
    • On Afghanistan… The President announced he would be increasing American troop presence in Afghanistan to fight terrorism (Business Insider). Will this alone help secure the region and American interests? This New York Times article thinks otherwise.
    • On Transgender Military Service… The President confirmed his intention to bar transgender people from entering the military, and announced the remainder of the details on the ‘ban’ would be left up to the Pentagon to decide. (The Guardian)
    • On the Spending Bill… The President threatened to veto Congress’ next spending bill if it did not contain $1.6 billion funding for the border wall with Mexico, despite his insistence that Mexico would pay for the wall. Not passing the next spending bill risks a government shutdown. (CBC)


Prime Minister John A. McDonald

Source: CBC

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