In The News This Week – July 30, 2017

Hey Canada! Start your week off right – make sure you are up to date on the latest political news here at home and with our neighbours to the south:

In Canadian News:

  1. Saudi Arabia: This week photos surfaced showing Canadian-made armored vehicles being used by the Saudi government against civilians. Within the last year and a half, the Trudeau Liberals green-lighted another deal to sell light armored vehicles to the Saudi government, however these latest photos raise questions on whether such a deal would still meet Canada’s laws not to export arms to countries with poor human rights abuses. Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland has launched an investigation to gather further details. (Globe and Mail)
  2. BC Provincial Politics: Former BC Premier and Liberal Party leader Christy Clark has resigned after her party lost their majority to the provincial NDP and Green parties several months ago. (Vancouver Sun)
  3. Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women: The Assembly of First Nation passed a resolution this week that called for the Inquiry to be more transparent and give Indigenous families more input. They voted against a proposal calling for the resignation of the commissioners. Read more in this CBC article.
  4. Supreme Court Energy Rulings: This week the Supreme Court handed down two rulings affecting energy projects being challenged by First Nations communities. The Court ruled that the National Energy Board failed at consulting the Indigenous community and properly assessing the environmental impact of an oil and gas exploration project in the Arctic. In a different outcome, the Court also approved Enbridge to reverse the flow and increase the capacity of its pipeline operation in Ontario and Quebec, saying they had properly consulted with the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation. (National Post)

In American News:

  1. Transgender Military Ban:  It remains unclear how the logistics of President Trump’s latest policy action to prevent transgender people from being part of the US military will unravel. When he announced the policy change this week, the Joint Chiefs of staff had not been notified and an implementation plan had not been presented, leaving everything status quo for the time being. (CNN)
  2. #RepealAndReplace: The Senate failed multiple times this week to pass various versions of a Bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, including a ‘skinny’ version that was mostly repeal for now, replace later. As a result, it now looks highly unlikely that the Republicans will be able to live up to their repeal and replace election promise, despite President Trump’s insistence. (Globe and Mail)
  3. White House Drama: New Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci gave an alarming interview where (among other things) he pointed fingers at White House Chief of Staff Reince Preibus for White House leaks to the press. On Friday, Preibus resigned, becoming the fifth staff member to leave in the first six months of the Trump Presidency. He is being replaced by Homeland Security Secretary, General John Kelly. (The Guardian)

And #ICYMI (in case you missed it) our Prime Minister was on the cover of Rolling Stone with an article titled ‘Why Can’t He Be Our President?’ … The Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer has shown his dissatisfaction with this latest PR move commenting that it could threaten Canada’s position in the NAFTA negotiations (Toronto Star)


Source: Flickr

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