In The News This Week – June 4, 2017

From British Columbia to Kabul, it’s been a heavy news week. Read up on the latest before you start your work week:

  1. BC Election: The Green Party came to an agreement Monday with the NDP Party that would prop up the NDP to form a minority government. The Green Party’s 3 seats added to the NDP Party’s 41 seats allow it to beat out the Liberals 43 seats. This partnership will have implications for many incumbent policies, including the future of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline. For more on how this will affect BC, see this Globe and Mail article. (Vancouver Sun)
    • FYEI (For Your Extra Information): Logistically, the reigning Liberals under Premier Christy Clark will remain in power until legislature convenes (probably in June), and a vote of confidence is called in the House. If the MLAs (Members of the Legislative Assembly) of BC vote that the reigning government no longer has their confidence, the Lieutenant-Governor is likely to ask the NDP whether they can become the governing party. (CBCElections Canada)
  2. Ontario’s $15 Minimum Wage: Ontario Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne announced this week the implementation of a $15 minimum wage by 2019. Critics are calling this another desperate attempt for votes ahead of next years election, while others find the move favourable in adding disposable income to the economy. (CBC)
  3. Nova Scotia Election: Nova Scotians went to the polls this week and elected their second majority Liberal government in a row. (CTV News)
  4. Paris Climate Accord: President Trump announced he would pull the US out of the Paris Climate Accord saying, it “is very unfair at the highest level to the United States.” The EU, China and Canada all responded with their commitment to full implementation of the Accord, which includes reducing fossil fuels and developing green technologies. The terms of the agreement state that the earliest the US could withdraw from the deal is not until after the 2020 election, leaving much uncertainty about the departure and how the US will operate in the interim. (Globe and MailPolitico)
  5. Attack in London: Yesterday another terrorist attack occurred on and around London bridge, killing 7 and injuring around 50. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed a Canadian was among the dead. (CBC)
  6. Bombing in Kabul: A deadly car bomb in the diplomatic neighborhood of Kabul, Afghanistan killed over 90 people this week and significantly damaged many embassies, including the Canadian embassy. Anti-government and anti-Taliban protests at the site of the bombing later in the week have led to more bloodshed. (Global NewsNew York Times)
  7. G7 Summit: As the leaders from the 7 biggest economies gathered last weekend to talk about terrorism and the global economy, a couple other memorable items made the news. You may have heard of the handshake that lasted a lifetime between President Trump and newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron. (Bloomberg)

Picture Source:  Chad Hipolito, The Canadian Press

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