In The News This Week – May 21, 2017

Happy May 24 fellow Canadians! While you celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria with a few beverages, make some time to catch up on the weeks top political news stories:

  1. Rona Ambrose: The interim Conservative Party leader confirmed this week she will leave politics when the House of Commons rises for the summer. It is a decision she said she made when she entered the interim Conservative Party leadership race. She leaves politics for Washington-based Wilson Centre’s Canada Institute. In leaving, Ambrose says she will not be voting for the next party leader  in the May 27 election. (Global NewsNational Post)
  2. NAFTA Renegotiation: On Thursday, the Trump Administration wrote Congress to officially trigger the 90 day consultation period; a prerequisite to the negotiations occurring. At this point very little can be gleaned from the letter about what areas will be negotiated and how it will affect Canada. (CBC)
  3. Jagmeet Singh enters the NDP Leadership Race: The current Deputy leader of the Ontario NDP party is now running for the leadership of the Federal NDP. Should he win the election he would be the first Sikh to lead a major party. (Toronto Star)
  4. Federal Government’s “Price on Pollution”: This week the Minister of the Environment released a ‘technical paper‘ detailing the Liberal government’s proposal to tax fossil fuels and put a price on industrial-scale pollution for provinces that do not have their own carbon pricing system in place by 2018. Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall has threatened to take legal action against the Federal government for this imposition. (National Observer)
  5. US Airstrikes against Syrian regime: The US Defense Secretary justified the strikes  that hit Syrian regime militants this week, saying they occurred as a result of “offensive movement with offensive capability of what we believe were . . . Iranian-directed forces inside an established and agreed-upon deconfliction zone.” (Washington Post)
  6. The Russia-Trump Investigation: Former FBI Director Robert Mueller has been appointed the new special counsel overseeing the FBI’s investigation into whether President Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia to influence the election. This is largely seen as a positive and unbiased choice, especially after reports this week that Trump asked Comey to drop the investigation. (Globe and MailThe Guardian)
  7. Election in Iran: President Rouhani was re-elected on Saturday by the Iranian people, reflecting their support of his efforts to improve the economy through improved international relations with Western powers such as the US. (New York Times)


Picture Source: Sean Kilpatrick, Canadian Press

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