In The News This Week – May 14, 2017

mPolitics wishes a very happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there! As you enjoy this special Sunday, we’ve rounded up the latest political headlines in Canada and around the world:

1. The Liberals hold on in BC: Christy Clark’s BC Liberals won a minority government in the provincial election this week, the province’s first minority government in more than 60 years. Before the final count, which will take place between May 22-24, here is a breakdown of the results: the Liberals won 43 seats, the NDP won 41 and the Greens won three. (The Globe and Mail)

  • Elections BC announced yesterday that two BC ridings will have ballot recounts: Vancouver-False Creek, where the Liberals lead by 560 votes, and Courtenay-Comox, where the NDP leads by just nine votes. (CBC)

2. Don Meredith steps down: Two years after Don Meredith’s sexual affair with a teenage girl was first reported, the Senator announced on Tuesday – one day before a vote on his expulsion – that he would resign. According to reports, Meredith is still eligible to collect his parliamentary pension ($24,000 annually starting at age 60), because he resigned, but had he been expelled he would have had to forgo future pension payments. (Toronto Star, CBC)

3. No more oil tankers in BC’s Northern coast: The federal Liberal government has introduced legislation that will turn into law the informal ban on crude oil tanker traffic off B.C.’s North Coast. The act would prohibit oil tankers from carrying crude and persistent oils as cargo from stopping, loading or unloading at ports or marine installations in northern B.C. (CBC)

4. Trump fires Comey: U.S. President Donald Trump abruptly fired the FBI Director James Comey on Wednesday, a decision Trump said was necessary to restore “public trust and confidence” in the FBI. Comey was fired just six days after testifying to the Senate about the bureau’s ongoing investigation into ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. (CBC, Maclean’s)

5. South Korea election: Liberal Moon Jae-in was elected President of South Korea on Tuesday, replacing ousted former leader Park Geun-hye, who now awaits a trial over corruption charges in jail. Moon favours closer ties with North Korea, saying hard-line conservative governments did nothing to prevent the North’s development of nuclear-armed missiles. (CBC)

  • According to reports, North Korea launched an intermediate-range ballistic missile on Sunday, the first test since the new South Korean President took office. (The New York Times)

6. Global cyberattack: A huge extortion cyberattack hit dozens of nations Friday, holding computer data for ransom at hospitals, telecommunications firms and other companies. The attack hit Britain’s health service, forcing affected hospitals to close wards and emergency rooms. Related attacks were reported in Spain, Portugal and Russia. Two security firms — Kaspersky Lab and Avast — said they had identified the malware behind the attack in upward of 70 countries, although both said the attack has hit Russia hardest. (Huffington Post Canada)

ElxnBC LIB 20170509
Source: Jonathan Hayward, Canadian Press

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