In The News This Week – May 7, 2017

Hey mPolitics readers! We hope you are all enjoying a peaceful Sunday afternoon. Here is the latest Canadian and international news to keep you in-the-know:

In Canadian News:

  1. Softwood Lumber Tariffs: In response to the Trump team’s implementation of softwood lumber tariffs, the Trudeau government responded this week that they are looking at multiple trade actions against US industries.  The industries under review by The Canadian Border Services Agency include coal exports, and several Oregon industries. The Trump administration responded to these reports, saying it would not change the US actions taken on softwood lumber. (CTVCBC, Global News)
  2. Senator Don Meredith: Back in March we reported on a scandalous report involving Senator Don Meredith having sexual relations with an underage female. This week the Senate Ethics Committee recommended Meredith by expeled. Over the next month, the Senate will debate and then vote on Meredith’s expulsion. (CBC)
  3. BC Election and #IAmLinda: This coming Tuesday, residents of British Columbia will head to the polls to vote for their provincial government. The Liberal party has had the top job since 2001, with current Premier Christy Clark taking over the leadership in 2011. Clark and her party were criticized this week over a short interaction between her and a woman named Linda, who told Clark she would not vote for her. Clark cut her off saying “You don’t have to. That’s why we live in a democracy.” The Liberal party added fuel to the fire claiming it was a planted NDP representative, leading to the hashtag #IAmLinda trending on Twitter (Global News, Huffington Post).

In International News:

  1. French Election: Centrist and independent candidate Emmanuel Macron has reportedly won France’s Presidential election, beating out far-right candidate Marine Le Pen with an estimated 65% of the vote. This comes amid reports of cyberattacks on the Macron campaign in the days before the vote. (Globe and Mail, iPolitics)
  2. US Political Updates:
    • Congress agrees on budget: Late last Sunday, Congress agreed on a budget that would keep Federal funding flowing until September. Had Congress not been able to agree, it would have led to a government shutdown, which has not occurred since 2013. Included in the bipartisan bill was more funding for border security, but no funding for Trump’s promised Mexico border wall. (ReutersGlobe and Mail)
    • Congress votes to #RepealAndReplace ObamaCare: On Thursday the House of Representatives narrowly voted to approve legislation that repeals and replaces The Affordable Care Act. Should the Bill move through the Senate unchanged, which is unlikely, key edits would include:
      • Lower average insurance premiums
      • Allowing State governments to roll back coverage for essential services like maternity leave and emergency care
      • Reinstating the ability for insurance companies to discriminate based on pre-existing medical conditions (New York Times)


Election posters of Emmanuel Macron

Source: Lorie Shaull, Flickr

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