In The News This Week – April 16, 2017

Happy Easter, Canada! Hope everyone had a restful long weekend. Here’s the latest news in Canadian politics and major headlines around the world:

1. B.C. Election Campaign: Voters in British Columbia head to the polls to elect a new government on May 9, and all three major parties are busy promoting their political platforms. This article from the Times Colonist takes a look at some of the major issues in this election and profiles the three major-party leaders. 

2. Malala Yousafzai: Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai received honorary citizenship from the Canadian government last Wednesday and addressed Canadian parliament. Ms. Yousafzai asked Canada to make girls’ education a central theme of its G7 presidency in 2018, to use its influence to help fill the global education funding gap, and to prioritize 12 years of schooling for refugees. (The Globe and Mail)

  • You can watch Malala’s full speech to Parliament here.

3. Marijuana legislation: Last week, the Liberal government formally introduced legislation that would legalize marijuana in Canada by July, 2018. The pot plan comes with two new bills; one to regulate the recreational use, sale and cultivation of marijuana, and a second that strengthens measures to stop impaired driving. Here is an in-depth overview from CBC News. 

4. US Non-Nuclear Bomb: Last Thursday, the United States military dropped America’s most powerful non-nuclear bomb on ISIS targets in Afghanistan, the first time this type of weapon has been used in battle, according to US officials. According to reports, the bomb killed 95 militants, and no civilian casualties have been reported. (CNN, The Globe and Mail)

5. North Korea: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un hosted a military parade in Pyongyang on Saturday, marking the 105th ‘Day of the Sun’, the birth anniversary of the state’s founder Kim Il-sung. The parade showcased military vehicles carrying different types of missiles. Following the parade, North Korea launched a missile early Sunday morning that abruptly exploded shortly after its launch. (The Globe and Mail, CTV News)

Source: Adrian Wyld, The Canadian Press

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