mPolitics does #TryPod

You may have heard of the March campaign #trypod where people are sharing their favourite podcasts. In honour of #trypod, we’re getting in on the fun with a summary of our favourite politics podcasts. Did we miss your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

Maclean’s on the Hill

Macleans Magazine does a weekly podcast that they release each Friday evening, rounding up the week’s  top political events. It lasts about 40 minutes and often includes interviews with MPs, political staffers or other media members to cover the weeks relevant topics. As a millennial, I find the Host, structure and sound are a bit old-school, but the substance is good.

NPR Politics Podcast

The gang at NPR never disappoints with this twice weekly podcast covering the latest in American politics. They have an incredibly knowledgeable team that explain a lot of complicated American political processes, but also manage to make me smile or laugh in the process. Usually running about 40 minutes each, they do a mid-week update on the latest political drama, and a weekly round up released towards the end of the week.


CBC’s The Current

This isn’t specifically a politics podcast, BUT as it deals with current events, it often covers the political issues of the day. In about 20 minute segments, Host Anna Maria Tremonti has a series of experts (think: academics, MPs, journalists, authors) weigh in on the latest. Tremonti is a fabulous interviewer, always asks the tough questions, and her guests always bring a plethora of perspectives.

CBC’s The House

Airing every Saturday morning on CBC Radio 1 for an hour and also releasing several shorter clips throughout the week, this is another great podcast to give you a summary on the latest politics in Canada. Usually on the more prominent issues, Host Chris Hall brings on a panel of industry experts or interviews MPs.

Monocle’s The Foreign Desk

As a foreign affairs junkie, I can’t help but include this one from Monocle magazine. Each weekend The Foreign Desk releases a 30 minute segment analysing a prominent international issue (recent titles include: Why Trump needs the media, Iceland’s Triumph, Why the Dutch election matters). They also release quick 5-minute explainers once a week. I love this podcast, but do beware of the liberal bias.

Political Traction by Navigator

Political Traction is created by Navigator, a Canadian public strategy and communications firm. The structure of the podcast has changed in recent months, and now focuses on one key issue either from the week or that has been trending for some time, usually with a panel of senior Navigator employees. Episodes are about 15-20 minutes, which is good if you want a quick update and several perspectives on a relevant Canadian political issue.

Those are our picks for #trypod political podcasts! 

Special thanks to my brother for introducing me to a great number of these. If you’re new to podcasts, you can listen online at the links above, or on your Podcast app. We hope you enjoy!


Image Source: Flickr



  1. Good Grief!! Referencing MSM podcasts….w so much individuality out there!!!! Puleaseee…mKids…think outside your Government school programming. Try Peterson…Rubin…Shapiro…Roaming…Victor Davis Hansen and many others on the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’…
    But MSM is pathetic…dig deeper…


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