In The News This Week – March 19 2017

Hey Canada! It’s officially the last day of winter (happy dance). End the season on a high(ly educated) note by cozying up to read our latest news post:

1. Budget 2017: The Trudeau government will table its second budget this coming Wednesday, March 22. According to this article from the Toronto Star, the budget is expected to focus on skills and innovation, with considerable speculation that the budget will be “cautious” as the Liberals “brace for the Trump effect.” (The Globe and Mail)

  • This roundup from Global News provides a sound overview of how this year’s budget could affect your wallet.

2. Conservative Party ‘vote rigging’: After missing a campaign event in Winnipeg on Monday night (and ‘fibbing‘ about a cancelled flight as an excuse), Kevin O’Leary made multiple news headlines this week after alleging “widespread vote rigging” in the Conservative Party leadership race. After an investigation, the Conservation Party removed 1,351 names from its membership list after discovering these membership were purchased through two IP addresses that didn’t belong to those members. (CBC

3. Jason Kenney: Former MP and federal Conservative cabinet minister Jason Kenney is the new leader of Alberta’s Progressive Conservative Party. He captured 75.5 per cent of the vote, or 1,113 of the 1,476 ballots cast on Saturday. Kenney plans to unite the Alberta right by merging the PC party with the Wildrose party. (CBC)

  • This result came two days after the Alberta NDP’s released their 2017 budget.The budget projects deficits for the next six years and a provincial debt that will double within three. This article from The Globe and Mail outlines everything you need to know.

4. Dutch election results: There was a promising result in the Dutch Elections this week as Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte beat out populist Geert Wilders, who ran on a anti-immigration and anti-Islam campaign. (Reuters)

5. Travel Ban 2.0: A Judge in Hawaii has blocked the 2nd #travelban proposal put forth last week by Trump’s team. Hawaii has since opposed the U.S. government’s request to “clarify” the order saying the federal government can’t try to change a ruling already issued by the court. Trump has indicated the ruling will be appealed. (CNN, CTV News)

6. Trump’s 2018 budget: On Thursday Trump released his 2018 budget proposal (the 2017 budget was set during the Obama administration), and among his recommendations were some alarming cuts to programs such as Environmental Protection Agency and the State Department. This Washington Post article has a great summary of the budget proposal and which departments would be impacted should it be approved by Congress.

Kevin O'Leary
Kevin O’Leary enjoys a laugh during a Conservative Party leadership debate on February 24. Source: Justin Tang, The Canadian Press

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