In The News This Week – March 12 2017

You know what they say, better late than never! We apologize for the delay in today’s In The News post, and hope you have an opportunity to catch up on the political happenings before starting your week! Here are last week’s top stories:

  1. Bill S-201, the genetic discrimination bill, passed in the House of Commons this week when many Liberal MPs voted against Prime Minister Trudeau’s suggestion to vote it down. The bill “is aimed at ensuring that Canadians can get genetic tests to help identify health risks and take preventive measures, without fear that they’ll be penalized when it comes to getting a job or life and health insurance.” In response, the Trudeau Cabinet is contemplating launching a challenge in the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of the Bill once it passes through the Senate. (Huffington Post)
  2. On Friday, the Liberals introduced a discussion paper that proposes changes to the rules in the House of Commons. The goal of the proposed changes is to ‘modernize’ procedures, with some of the proposed changes including: a specific question period for MPs to address the Prime Minister, electronic voting and eliminating Friday sittings. The House Affairs Committee will review the proposed changes and come back with their recommendations before any action is taken. (MacleansCBC)
  3. Senator Don Meredith is the subject of a scathing report this week about an inappropriate relationship he had with a teenager. His case is being reviewed by the Senate ethics committee and many Senators are calling for his resignation, though no criminal charges have been placed. (CBC)
  4. The first NDP leadership debate took place today between the 4 declared candidates. For a summary of the debate, see this CBC article.
  5. Of all the newsworthy stories in the United States this week, we think the most important to be aware of is the new Executive Order banning travel to the US from certain countries (the new #travelban). President Trump signed the new order on Monday and it will come into effect later this week to allow some time for adoption. The new order removed Iraq from the list of banned countries, and removed other controversial aspects, such as indefinitely banning Syrian refugees. (CNN)


Liberal House Leader Bardish Chaggar introducing the discussion paper on House procedures.

Source: Adrian Wyld, Canadian Press


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