In The News This Week – March 5, 2017

Hey Canada! mPolitics is sending you this week’s political update from Reykjavik, Iceland. The House of Commons is back in session tomorrow after a week off, so don’t forget to tune in for a full update with us next Sunday.

1. Hydro Rates in Ontario: The Ontario liberals made a decision this week to cut hydro rates by around 17%. Premier Wynne defended the decision saying that it is not fair to ask people to pay extra for years of neglect, and to pay for assets that will provide capacity for the next 30 years. Critics say the moves main consideration is the votes it will get the Liberals in the upcoming 2018 election, and puts off necessary costs in a way that penalizes future generations. (CBC)

2. Toronto’s 2017 Budget: The City of Toronto’s $12-billion operating budget was passed this week, and includes two moves that have critics on the left “fuming.” Toronto Mayor John reneged on a Twitter pledge to Olympic gold-medalist Penny Oleksiak not to cancel city programming at an east-end pool, and , on a much larger scale, ordered a staff cut to Toronto’s homeless shelters worth $1 million. (The Globe and Mail)

3. Conservative leadership race: The Conservative Party’s leadership hopefuls squared off in yet another debate this week, this one taking place in Edmonton. Kevin O’Leary, opted out of the debate, claiming the all-candidates format offers little opportunity for meaningful debate. Instead, he held his own gathering with party members at a downtown hotel across the street. Check out this recap from Global News

4. NDP Leadership Race: Several new candidates entered the NDP leadership race this week. Check out this overview from The Globe and Mail, that outlines each of the candidates running and what they stand for. 

P.S. If you’re looking for political updates on our neighbours to the South (including the Jeff Sessions controversy, President Trump’s first congressional address, and Mike Pence’s private email server), check out The New York Times’ political pages. (We are tired of trying to keep up with this rat race).

The Liberal government unveils its plan to cut hydro rates in Ontario. Source: Frank Gunn, Canadian Press

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