In The News This Week – February 12 2017

With no shortage of political drama in Canada and the US this week, let mPolitics keep you informed with our weekly In The News summary: 

  1. Bombardier Loan – The Trudeau government confirmed it will be providing a “repayable contribution” (or loan) of $372.5 million to Bombardier, the Quebec-based aerospace company. The government defended the loans ability to keep high-paying tech jobs in Canada, while critics claim it is a poor use of taxpayer money. Over the last 50 years Bombardier has received around $4.1 billion of federal and provincial government money. (Globe and MailToronto Star, CBC)
  2. Trudeau meets Trump on Monday – The Prime Minister will be in Washington on Monday for his first face-to-face with President Trump. There’s lots of interest around what Trudeau will and won’t say to the President – namely not to mention anything controversial and to focus on areas of common ground such as growing the Canadian and American economies. (Globe and Mail)
  3. Electoral Reform Protests – Protests took place in several major cities this week as citizens displayed their displeasure with Trudeau’s decision to renege on his election promise to move away from ‘first past the post’ voting. Defending his decision in a town-hall meeting in Yellowknife, the PM claimed that due to events such as Brexit and the referendum in Italy, electoral reform at this time could destabilize the country and create divisiveness (full video here). (CBC)
  4. A series of ‘wins’ this week for the anti-Trump team. Here are the top political updates from our neighbors to the south:
  • #TravelBan – This week an Appeals court upheld the decision to temporarily suspend Trump’s ban on citizens from 7 muslim-majority nations entering the country. In response Trump noted he is considering an order for a brand new ban. (Reuters)
  • #NeverthelessShePersisted – In a hearing for Trump’s attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren tried to read a letter criticizing Sessions for trying to stem voting by African Americans, but was stopped by Republican and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell invoking a rarely used rule disallowing such criticism. Warren then went to Facebook where she posted a full reading of the letter. In response, McConnell defended his decision saying “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.” Cue #NeverthelessShePersisted becoming the new feminist battle cry. (NY TimesWashington Post)
  • #Nordstrom – When the retail chain announced it was dropping Ivanka Trump’s clothing line due to poor sales, Trump tweeted that his daughter was being treated “so unfairly” by the retailer, representing a clear conflict of interest. In a surprise response to Trump’s controversial tweet, Nordstrom’s stock rose.


Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains, Bombardier President and CEO Alain Bellemare and Transport Minister Marc Garneau / Image Source: Paul Chiasson, Canadian Press

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