In The News This Week – December 11, 2016

Happy Sunday, Canada! Here are the top stories in Canadian politics from this week:

1. Liberal survey on electoral reform: The Liberal government is giving Canadians 25 days to participate in an online survey on electoral reform (see: The website and survey have subsequently been mocked online, with critics calling it “misleading” and “simplistic.” (iPolitics)

2. Trudeau announces Indigenous language bill: The federal government will introduce an act to protect and revitalize indigenous languages across Canada, the PM announced on Tuesday. The announcement was made during an address to a special meeting of the Assembly of First Nations in Gatineau. (iPolitics

3. Viola Desmond: Nova Scotia civil rights pioneer Viola Desmond will be the first Canadian woman to appear on the front of a banknote, and will appear on the Canadian $10 bill beginning in 2018. Check out this CBC piece on the immeasurable impact her courage has had on Canadian history. 

4. Joe Biden visits Ottawa: Joe Biden visited Ottawa this week, attending a state dinner and the First Ministers Meeting on Friday. Among the many memorable moments, Biden urged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to be a champion of the “liberal international order” and said to an audience at the Canadian state dinner, “Vive le Canada … because we need you very badly.” (The Globe and Mail, Bloomberg)

5. Brian Mulroney receives France’s highest civilian honour: Former PM Brian Mulroney is the first former Canadian PM to receive France’s highest civilian honour, and was inducted as a Commander of the Legion of Honour on December 6. The ceremony  was largely in recognition of Mulroney’s role as co-founder of la Francophonie 30 years ago. (iPolitics)

A portrait of Viola Desmond, circa 1940. Source: CBC

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