In The News This Week – November 20, 2016

In a week still saturated with Trump headlines, here are a few of the top stories in Canadian politics:

1. Opiod Crisis – Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott met with Provincial Health Ministers, industry experts and policy makers this week to come up with a plan to deal with the ongoing opiod crises. The crisis sees about 44 people die a week from opiod overdoses, which are largely attributed to  over prescribing of prescription painkillers by doctors. – Globe and Mail

2. Tracking the PM – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in Cuba and Argentina this week. While in Cuba, the Prime Minister met with Cuban President Raul Castro and was looking to discuss trade opportunities for Canadian businesses as Cuba opens up to foreign markets (Huffington Post). Similarly, the Prime Minister’s trip to Argentina was expected to focus on trade between the two nations, and to gain support for a Canadian seat on the UN Security Council for 2021-22 (CBC).

3. APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Summit – Prime Minister Trudeau and 20 other leaders from Asia Pacific meet today for the 2016 APEC summit in Peru, where they will discuss the future of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). – CBC

4. Carbon Tax – The Federal Conservatives challenged the Trudeau Liberal’s planned carbon tax this week, using the election of Trump who believes climate change is a hoax,to show that the policy is out to lunch. Their thinking is in line with Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, who said,”It makes no sense for our federal government to push ahead with imposing a national carbon tax, when our biggest trading partner — and our biggest competitor for investment and jobs — is not going to have one.” – CBC

P.S. Check out this interesting Globe and Mail article on the impact a Trump election will have on Americans applying to Canadian universities! Spoiler alert: American applications will increase, which is great for Canada’s GDP!


Image Source: Darryl Dyck, Canadian Press

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