In The News This Week – November 13, 2016

In a news week completely saturated with the results in the United States’ Presidential election, here are some other stories you might have missed!

1. Donald Trump won the U.S. Presidential Election: On Wednesday, November 9, Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election against virtually all expectations. Of the 538 available electoral college votes, 270 of which are required for a majority government, Donald Trump won 306 and Hillary Clinton won 232. Additionally, Donald Trump won 47.3% of the popular vote and Hillary Clinton 47.79%. Here is the congratulatory note from our Canadian Prime Minister. (CBC)

  • FYEI (For Your Extra Information): We penned an analysis of the election results that looks at voter turnout, how being a woman affected Hillary Clinton, and the U.S. electoral system in general. Check it out here.
  • For a Canadian perspective on what these election results mean for you, check out this ‘Trump-era survival guide‘ from The Globe and Mail.

2. The first Conservative leadership debate: Twelve candidates vying for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada took the stage on Wednesday night in Saskatoon for their first debate. Included below are a few highlights: (Sources: CBC, The Hill Times)

  • Where did the candidates agree? Most agreed on the need to control government spending, cutting internal trade barriers, lowering taxes to spur economic growth, support for free trade and support for pipelines
  • Where did the candidates disagree? Points of contention included: stances on immigration, climate change and agriculture. Notably, Kellie Leitch repeatedly reminded the audience that her immigration policy — her notion of screening prospective immigrants for their appreciation of “Canadian values” – is quite close to the President-elect’s own (iPolitics)

3. Remembrance Day: On Friday, November 11 Canadians gathered at cenotaphs and in Legions across the country, and attended or watched the annual ceremony at the National War Memorial on their screens, to pay tribute to the sacrifices of those who died in the service of peace, freedom and Canada. Here’s the Canadian Press report by Lee Berthiaume from Friday’s national ceremony. 

4. A new ocean protection plan: The federal government has announced a $1.5 billion ocean-protection plan that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says will put Canada at the top for world-class pollution and protection for the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans. Trudeau announced the funding over five years, which includes creating a marine safety system, restoring marine ecosystems, and spending on oil spill cleanup research and methods. (iPolitics)

Source: Adrian Wyld, The Canadian Press

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