In The News This Week – September 18, 2016

From Provincial to Federal politics, has your weekly round up:

1.Kevin Garratt: It appears that Trudeau’s visit to China paid off, as we found out this week that he was able to secure the release of Kevin Garratt, a Canadian who had been held for two years on charges of espionage. Garratt sat trial this week in China where he was found guilty, and subsequently deported back to Canada. – Globe and Mail


2. NDP Caucus: The MPs of the New Democratic Party met this week in Montreal, and confirmed their “unanimous support” for Tom Mulcair to continue on as interim party leader. – National Post

3. Conservative Caucus: Conservative MPs met this week in Halifax. Interim leader Rona Ambrose sought to unite the party after recent drama unfolded in the leadership race between Kellie Leitch’s ‘Canadian values test’ and other candidates. – iPolitics

4. Provincial Politics: The Ontario government resumed sitting this week. In Premier Kathleen Wynne’s throne speech, she focused on how she would provide relief to constantly rising energy bills. Here is a recap of the speeches main highlights: 

  • The government plans to “save families, farmers and small businesses eight per cent directly on their electricity bills by providing a permanent on-bill rebate equal to the provincial portion of the HST.” – Office of the Premier
  • Rural consumers, who often pay even higher energy bills due to their unique circumstances, will receive an additional rebate, equating to average savings of $540 a year.- CBC
  • The creation of “100,000 new child-care spaces for kids up to age four, over five years, starting in 2017.” – CBC
  • A “new emphasis on math skills after half of all Grade 6 students failed to meet the provincial math standard this year.” – CBC
  • A balanced budget by 2017-18 – CBC

5. Parliament is back in session this week – don’t miss our revealer tomorrow on the key issues expected to be tackled by the Trudeau government this term! 


Source: Nathan Denette / Canadian Press

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