In The News This Week – May 29, 2016

This weeks top stories in Canadian politics:

1. The question of where is Stephen Harper and what has he been up to has finally been answered. The former Prime Minister announced earlier this week that he will be stepping down as an MP before the House resumes in the Fall and will be pursuing some international affairs consulting work. Harper has apparently been in the House of Commons for votes since his party lost the election, but otherwise has been absent from the public eye. – Times Colonist

2. Speaking of Stephen Harper, he opened the Conservative Party convention this weekend by giving his first speech since losing the election. For highlights from his speech see here. At the Convention, party delegates will be voting on amedments to Conservative party policy, including:

  • Changing the definition of marriage to include LGBTQ members (yes, you read that correctly – the party policy’s current definition of marriage is restricted to the “union of one man and one woman”)
  • Decriminalizing small scale possession of marijuana
  • Changing to embrace Doctor assisted dying
  • Changing leadership rules to allow Rona Ambrose to be in the running for the permanent leadership of the party

As of this post, delegates have voted against embracing Doctor assisted dying and changing the rules to allow Rona to run. Delegates have voted in favour of changing the party’s definition of marriage. – Globe and MailCBC

3. Prime Minister Trudeau was in Japan this week, meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister and auto industry executives to discuss trade between the two countries. He was also part of the G7 meetings later in the week – a meeting between the leaders of the world’s seven biggest economies. The leaders met to discuss how to stimulate the world economy, how to deal with threats to economic growth, and an agreement that the countries should not pay ransoms to kidnappers. – Toronto StarCBC

stephen harper

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper after losing the 2015 election. Source: Canadian Press, Citizens Council of Canada

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