In The News This Week – May 15, 2016

Check out our weekly round up of #cdnpoli stories relevant to you:

1. This week Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Fort McMurray. The visit came 8 days after a devastating wildfire destroyed roughly 10% of the city. To some this visit is too late, while other political commentators are approving of how the Federal government has responded to the crisis. –  CBC

2. The Federal government has taken a step towards their ‘election reform’ promise by announcing the creation of a committee that will study the different electoral systems. For more details on the different systems proposed, what each political party prefers, and some of the controversy around the change, see this great ‘Explainer’ by Campbell Clark in the Globe and Mail. For a critique of this Liberal promise, see this piece by Jeffrey Simpson.

3. The Federal Conservative Party will be reviewing whether to limit their leaders terms to “no more than eight continuous years after being appointed Prime Minister” when they meet for their party convention. If such a change had been in place prior to the last election – implementing a new leader to replace Stephen Harper – would we have seen a different outcome at the polls? – Ottawa Citizen

4. Did you fill out your #2016Census this week? The Long Form Census was quickly reinstated by the Federal Liberals once they took office last fall. The form was due this week – move quickly to complete yours so as to avoid a hefty fine or jail time!

Election Reform
Source: Graham Hughes, The Canadian Press


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