In The News This Week – May 1, 2016

We pull together the top Canadian political stories from this past week to keep all our millennial colleagues up to date:

1. Canadian hostage John Ridsdel was tragically executed by the Abu Sayyaf terrorist group in the Philippines this week after their ransom deadline passed. Such ransoms are a key source of funding for terrorist groups. The killing was condemned by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose government continues to work on a plan to bring home fellow Abu Sayyaf hostage and Canadian, Robert Hall. – Huffington Post

2. Bombardier, the Quebec based aerospace giant, received positive news this week when Delta Airlines placed an order for 75 passenger planes worth around $6 billion. The company has been struggling financially and has requested $1 billion in funding from the Trudeau Liberals – to date this funding has not been committed to. – Globe and MailCBC

3. BC Premier Christy Clark is being criticized for annual money she has been receiving from her Provincial Liberal Party since 2011 on top of the base salary she receives as premier. – Globe and Mail

4. Its tax season! Taxes are due for all Canadians this coming Monday May 2nd. If you’re a young millennial like us, you may not be all that familiar with doing your taxes. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get a refund, and read up on Huffington Post’s Five Things to Know When Filing Income Tax Returns


Source: Flickr


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