In The News This Week – April 24, 2016

This week was a quieter one on the Canadian political front while things continue to heat up for our neighbours to the South. Read up on this week’s top stories:

1. On Thursday, Senator Mike Duffy was acquitted of all 31 charges laid against him – charges that included fraud, breach of trust and bribery. In his 308 page decision, Ontario Justice Charles Vaillancourt condemned “the mind-boggling and shocking” conduct of the Prime Minister’s Office under Stephen Harper. You can read the full decision here – The Globe and Mail

  • FYEI (For Your Extra Information): Mike Duffy is now planning his return to the Senate and his lawyer argues that he has a strong case to be repaid his lost wages (and much more) from the past two years. – The Globe and Mail

2. The Manitoba Progressive Conservatives under Brian Pallister won a majority government in a historic fashion on Tuesday, putting up some of the biggest numbers by any party in the province’s history. The PCs ended the long reign of the Manitoba New Democrats, who had been in office since 1999 – CBC

3. On Friday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau signed the Paris agreement on climate change joining more than 170 countries at the United Nations in New York City. The Canadian government has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent from 2005 levels by 2030 — a goal set by the previous Conservative government – CBC

4. Holding true to their campaign promise, the Liberal government announced on Wednesday (4/20) that they will begin the marijuana legalization process next Spring. Health Minister Jane Philpott, at a speech to the United Nations, said this move will “challenge the status quo” of many countries’ drug policies  – Vice News

5. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton “swept to victory with ease” in Tuesday’s New York primary. Trump captured more than 50 per cent of the vote in New York claiming at least 89 of the 95 delegates at stake. Of the 247 Democratic delegates at stake in New York, Clinton picked up at least 135 while rival Bernie Sanders gained at least 104 – CBC

Senator Mike Duffy, Source: Adrian Wyld, The Canadian Press (CBC)

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