In The News This Week – April 10, 2016

Check out the top stories in Canadian and international politics this week:

1. The Panama Papers: Perhaps the biggest international story of the week was the leaked Panama Papers, a PR nightmare revealing the tax evasion techniques of the rich and the famous. Among those listed? Several political figures, including:

  • Iceland Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugson’s (who resigned as a result of immense protest and backlash) – Watch this video from The Guardian where he walks out of an interview
  • British Prime Minister David Cameron
  • Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin

FYEI (For Your Extra Information): In an interview on Thursday with CBCs’s Matt Galloway, Finance Minister Bill Morneau said the Liberal government was focused on making sure “people pay their taxes in the jurisdiction where they earn their money” and will “reconsider” any laws that they find “aren’t forcing people to do what we think they should be doing.” (CBC)

2. This weekend, the NDP is holding their federal party convention in Edmonton. On Sunday the party will vote on whether to keep Tom Mulcair as leader. For millennial party members, it is worth noting that the youth wing decided not to call for new leadership to replace Mulcair – Globe and Mail

  • FYEI (For Your Extra Information): Today, delegates at the party’s convention will vote on a resolution that would adopt the Leap Manifesto as a reference point to shape the NDP’s policy discussions. Positions endorsed by this document are deeply at odds with the policy of Rachel Notley’s NDP government, and are known to be unpopular in the Prairie provinces. (Globe and Mail)
  • Update: As of Sunday morning, NDP party members voted for a new leadership race, signalling their desire for change from Tom Mulcair – CBC

3. Saskatchewan residents took to the polls on Monday, electing Premier Brad Wall and his Saskatchewan party to a third term – CBC

4. Some good news as the Canadian job numbers for March are released; 41,000 jobs were created, reducing the unemployment rate by 20 basis points to 7.1%. For the full details, see the Statistics Canada report.

5. New membership rules for the Liberal Party of Canada? This week, PM Justin Trudeau proposed a new constitution for the Liberal Party whereby traditional party membership would be transformed into a “wide open political movement.” – CBC

6. After considerable criticism from the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO), the Liberal Party agreed to release their five-year spending plan. Criticisms of their initial refusal have called into question the government’s reputation for openness, especially after the Liberals promised to be transparent by default in the last election. – Globe and Mail

Panama Papers
Source: BIRGIR POR HARDARSON / EPA (via Toronto Star)




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