In The News This Week – March 27, 2016

The Easter week began with another terrorist attack in Europe and closed with the verdict in the high-profile sexual assault case of former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi. We outline what happened in Canada and around the world this week for those events and everything in between:

1. Terror Attacks in Belgium: ISIS has claimed responsibility for two consecutive bombings in the Brussels airport and metro on Tuesday that killed at least 30 people and injured over 250. Since the attacks Belgian officials have been carrying out raids in search of those responsible – extending as far as Italy. Since Thursday at least 12 people have been arrested and one man has been charged – Globe and MailBBC

  • The crisis highlights the struggle of EU countries to maintain security over their open borders and highlights the importance of intelligence information sharing between countries to stop further attacks – IndependentGlobe and Mail
  • Prime Minister Trudeau responds to the attacks
  • After the attacks, US State Department releases travel warning for Brussels, CNN, while other US leaders and hopeful leaders vary in response, as seen here: CNN

2. 2016 Federal Budget: As expected the Trudeau Liberals first budget runs significant deficits near $30 billion in each of the first two years. For a breakdown on the spending and how the budget invests in millennials, see mPolitics’ article from this week 2016 Federal Budget: How will it affect millennials?

3. In another tragic turn on Tuesday, City Councillor and Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford passed away after a long battle with cancer. Ford will be remembered as a true man of the people, as explored in City Hall Reporter Jeff Gray’s piece From Transit to Garbage: Rob Ford’s Civic Legacy.

4.  Jian Ghomeshi verdict: Much has been said of the not guilty verdict handed down on Thursday to former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi, who was accused of multiple sexual assault charges. On one hand the legal system worked as it is meant to –  the accused was not found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt based on the evidence presented, and therefore was not found guilty. On the other hand, the trial shows the failing of the legal system to adequately try sexual assault cases. In only a quarter of cases where assailants have charges laid against them, do they actually become convicted.

Brussels Attacks
Photograph By: Geert Vanden Winjgaert/AP (New Yorker)


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