In The News This Week – March 20

Miss this week’s top stories in #CanadianPolitics? Check out our weekly roundup below:

1. Canada to seek UN Security Council seat for 2021: In a meeting in New York City with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Prime Minister Trudeau announced Canada’s plan to make a bid for a seat on the UN Security Council for a two-year term, beginning in 2021. –

  • The announcement was met with enthusiasm and criticism, as reporters in New York City questioned the PM’s human rights motivations amid the government’s refusal to cancel Canada’s arms deal with Saudi Arabia –

2. Court approves Ontario’s first doctor-assisted death: An 81 year-old Toronto man, the first person in Ontario to be granted a physician-assisted death, passed away on Friday. His family’s statement read, he “…passed away in peace and dignity.” 

  • To read the family’s full statement, see this article from
  • FYEI (For Your Extra Information): Neither the federal or provincial government opposed the man’s request.

3. Ontario government announces new affordable housing legislation: On Monday, the Ontario government announced their plan to introduce ‘inclusionary zoning’ legislation as part of Ontario’s updated affordable housing strategy. –

  • The proposed law will give municipalities the ability to make planning approvals conditional on new housing projects containing a certain percentage of affordable units.
  • FYEI (For Your Extra Information): This week, the BC government made a move to outlaw ‘shadow flipping’ – a practice where sales contracts for single family homes are being legally assigned, and flipped quickly to new buyers for a higher price, before the initial deal closes. Profits typically go to speculators and the real estate agents involved. –

4. Old Age Security restored to age 65: On Thursday, Prime Minister Trudeau announced the government will make good on their election promise to restore Old Age Security eligibility to age 65, an overturn on the increase to age 67 brought in by the former Conservative government. –

5. Putin’s surprise announcement: Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the Russian military will withdraw most of its forces from Syria, but will maintain their air base and a naval facility. Putin said the Russian air campaign has allowed Assad’s military to “radically” turn the tide of war and helped create conditions for peace talks. – 

UN Security Council
United Nations Security Council – New York City (Source: Flickr)



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