In The News This Week – February 28, 2016

It’s been a busy week! Check out our weekly roundup of the most important stories in Canadian politics:

1. On Thursday, February 25th, the Ontario government released an “optimistic” 2016-2017 budget that boosts health spending, offers major tuition relief for most low income students and includes robust growth projections that would fulfill its promise to balance the books by 2017-18 –, 

  • To read more about the changes in student aid unveiled in the Ontario budget, visit:

2. Finance Minister Bill Morneau revealed the (federal) Liberal government’s projected deficit, up almost 3 times what the Liberal party promised during the election campaign –

  • FYEI (For your extra information): Mr. Morneau also announced that the official budget will be released on Tuesday, March 22nd.

3. Immigration Minister John McCallum announced Tuesday that the Liberals will soon follow through on their election pledge to repeal the Conservatives’ controversial Bill C-24 – 

  • FYEI (For your extra information): As of May 29, 2015 Bill C-24’s new “revocation provisions” were implemented, which enforced new regulations that Canadian citizenship can be revoked from a dual citizen if the person:
    • Obtained citizenship by false representation or fraud
    • Served as a member of an armed force or organized armed group engaged in an armed conflict with Canada
    • Was convicted of treason, high treason, spying offences and sentenced to imprisonment for life
    • Was convicted of a terrorism offence or an equivalent foreign terrorism conviction and sentenced to five years of imprisonment or more

4. Arguments in the trial of Senator Mike Duffy concluded on Tuesday, with the justice hearing the case saying the earliest he will deliver his verdict is April 21, 2016 –


Source: Flickr

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