In The News This Week – February 21, 2016

Here’s a look at what happened this week in Canadian politics:

1. CF-18 fighter jets officially left the fight against ISIS, marking the first step towards the Liberals’ new ‘advise and assist’ initiative – 

  • To read more about the expanded military mission, check out this Globe and Mail article by Robert Fife (The Globe’s Ottawa Bureau Chief and host of CTV’s Question Period): 

2. Toronto City Hall has avoided a strike with outside workers, extending the negotiation deadline with inside workers –

3. Immigration Minister John McCallum cancelled the deportation order for the 16 year old Syrian refugee who arrived at the Canada-U.S. border last month –

4. The Liberals have suspended their decision to “whip the vote” on the government’s upcoming legislation on doctor-assisted dying –

  • FYEI (For your extra information): In the Westminster parliamentary system, a “whipped vote” is a vote by members of a legislative body in which the members are strictly required to vote as directed by the leadership of their political party. (Source: Wiktionary)


100th anniversary CF-18 flyby , Source: Flickr

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